EuroLan 2017

EuroLan 2017

A Memorable Event 10 Sep 2017
Constanța, Romania
08:00 AM - 04:00 PM
This event is passed

 Summer School on “Biomedical Text Processing”  

13th in the series of Eurolan Schools


The goal of EUROLAN 2017 is to insert into the participants’ minds information on the theory, methodology, and technology of processing biological, biomedical and clinical data. Experienced brainwashers will spend all mornings trying to convince you, and all afternoons trying to test the effect of their previous efforts. In translation, tutorials on a variety of topics will be accompanied with hands-on sessions on using textual data mining tools on a variety of biomedical type.

In case you are wondering what will really happen, the list of main topics should give you an idea:

    • mining biomedical literature
    • mining biomedical literature
    • event-based text mining for biology and related fields
    • event extraction in medical texts
    • entity identification and normalization
    • conceptual graphs extracted from medical texts
    • annotation of semantic content, with applications in medicine and biology
    • textual big data techniques
    • medical search engines
    • HIT (health information technologies) and LT
    • deep learning for bioinformatics
    • biomedical question/aswering (see also the BioASQ evaluation challenge)
    • Clinical Data Repositories / Big Data and Cloud Computing
    • clinical relationships
    • medical topic modeling
    • medical language systems
    • clinical text analysis
    • text summarization in the biomedical domain