EuroLan 1999

EuroLan 1999

A Memorable Event 19 Jul 1999
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
This event is passed

EuroLan 1999

The theme reflects the growing international interest on lexical semantics in correlation with the current approach of the modern information society for stimulating technological bases that would allow to minor languages to have equal access to information. It aims at approaching problems related to the deep understanding of texts, WordNet, discourse interpretation and intelligent web browsers based on language interpretation. It is also our desire to stimulate West/East and East/East collaboration in this domain. It has become a tradition that, within the main topic of the Eurolan Schools, related directions are approached that could also house workshops aimed at stimulating discussions and further collaboration.


Semantics in Lexicons and Corpora: a few European initiatives;
Motivation, History, and Design of WordNet;
Lexical Acquisition for a Romanian WordNet;
Cross-lingual sense determination;
Probabilistic methods in the context of a taxonomy and methods for obtaining and using parallel text;
Printed dictionaries, from lexical databases to lexical ontologies;
Developing Multi-purpose LKBs for NLP;
Wordnets and ontologies in NLP;
Discourse and Summarization;
Introduction to Computational Semantics;
Linguistic Foundations for Summary Generation from Corpora;
Topics in Discourse Interpretation;
Automated Text Summarization;
Discourse structure and reference;
Discourse: Theories, Parsing, Generation;
Knowledge Processing on an Extended WordNet;
Concepts in Multilingual Information Retrieval;
Word Sense Disambiguation and an Application to Information Retrieval from the Internet;
Lexical Information and Decisions in Parsing;
Designing an editorial platform for a multilingual terminology the experience provided by the DHYDRO project;
Querying through Web;
Knowledge Based Support for Technical Translators.


Dan Cristea
Nancy Ide
Daniel Marcu
Sanda Harabagiu
Dan Moldovan
Hans Uszkoreit
Dan Tufiș



Romanian Academy, by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence “Mihai Drăgănescu” Bucharest (RACAI) and the Institute of Computer Science, Iași branch (ARFI-IIT)
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, by the Faculty of Computer Science (UAIC-FII)
USC Institute for Science of Information
DFKI and University of Saarbrücken
Dallas University